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New Homes in Huntsville Alabama

New Homes in Huntsville AlabamaThe Davenport Agents team welcomes Savvy Homes’ residential developments within the Huntsville and surrounding areas.  Savvy Homes brings a fresh perspective and distinguished style of new homes to Huntsville Alabama. SAVVY homes features modern architectures, designs, processes, and materials. All Savvy homes are built at an affordable price to give consumers the best value possible for a new home.  Savvy Homes built over 300 homes across all locations in 2011. You can be assured that their product is solid, proven, and……well…..SAVVY.  Browse the gallery below to see product samples.

About Savvy Homes

Savvy Homes is a cutting edge Southeastern residential building company with a fresh approach to delivering high quality homes at affordable prices. Savvy has developed a higher standard building process called RESOURCEFULL LIVING.  This means meticulous design, distinctive architecture, custom detail, efficiency and value from the inside out…  and most importantly, a commitment to the land and our planet.  Click here to experience our RESOURCEFULL LIVING home tour.

The driving force at SAVVY HOMES is to deliver the best competitive value in every home we build.

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